ShellStone ,also refers the names as Shell Reef, Shell Beige, Myra Stone, Myra Beige, is a natural stone which is density of the material is much closer to marble., Shellstone compete with coral stones and since shell stone has many advantages vs coral stone.

• Shellstone is much stronger, denser than Coral Stone
• Shellstone has very minimum holes whereas coral stone very big holes
• Shellstone comes in ½’’ so very easy to install on the floors or the walls.
• Shellstone can be used for indoors and outdoors as material always stay cool under sunlight.
• Shellstone has very minimum color variation so after installation it looks very consistent.

With its white & light beige color and shells fossils inside, naturally formed over millions years, adds a unique beauty and harmony to the applied areas. Shellstone gives modern and contemporary looks to Interior exterior floors, pool decks and facade veneers.

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